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We Could Be So Good Together!!!

The United States of America thrives on repression and is steering itself into more of a fascist and right wing state everyday. There are criminals in control, i.e. Nixon, Mitchell, Spiro etc. Not to mention the military people who are sending G.I.s to S. E. Asia in order that Amerikan big business can profit. The Black Panthers are trying to help the black community with breakfast programs and fighting slum landlords, but are being murdered by gestapo police. In every facet of Amerikan society, people who realizethat something really wrong is going on are getting together, analyzing, and constructively fighting the common oppressor. G.I.s are included in this group as they are used to carry out the wishes and commands of the Amerikan ruling class. However G.I.s around the country are organizing and helping put a stop to illegal wars overseas and brother versus brother tactics, (riot control) at home. Most bases have a GI newspaper abd some form of orgaized group. Fort Gordon had such a group and such a paper (The Last Harass) but thru people being shoippwed to other Forts and others being intimidated by M.I. people, the organization weakened. We are now rebuilding, trying to correctly analyze our position as G.I.s, and reach more people in an effort to obtain and secure, at least our basic rights under the Constitution. We need your help. We are building a base and talking to as many G.I.s as possible. If the response is great enough, we will continue this paper as often as needed. We need any suggestions and constructuive analysis's that you may have. We are not doing a paper to get our rocks off on a personal ego trip, but are trying to inform and help organize other G.I.s to obtain some semblance of living as human beings. Write and tell us what your ideas are and how you can help. We will be in touch with you. In mailing letters, put a fake return address (or none at all) on the envelope to save yourself intimidation and harrasment [sic] by your company rulers. We will make ourselves known only when we have built a strong base of support. Individually we are weak, but TOGETHER we are strong.

The Last Harass , no. 6


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