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G.I. Frame-Up

The Last Harass is by no means the only newspaper put out by GIs at an Army fort. One of the better publications is Fatigue Press of Ft. Hood, Texas. It's founder and editor, PFC Bruce L. Peterson, was found guilty of possession of marijuana in a general court martial, November 5. He was sentenced to 8 years at hard labor and given a dishonorable dischaarge.

On September 7, civilian Authorities arrested Peterson on suspicion of marijuana and removed lint from his pocket to be sent off for analysis. By September 10, the charges were dropped. The Army, however, could not pass up a chance to nab this troublemaker. The Army produced an "expert" who testified that under microscopic analysis, he had discovered marijuana. Because Peterson was organiuzing, the military was desperate to get him out of the way,

The fact that this was a frame-up is obvious. When one observes what is done to GI uninvolved in protest, at the worst, prosecution for pot in the armed forces usually results in a suspended sentence. The Army realizes that marijuana is a pacifier that aids in overcoming GI dissent. A GI who is constantly grooving will not make waves. But as for the GI involved in educating others about the truth of the war and the army, the Brass will seek the easiest method to silence him. Even though it was never proven that Peterson had in fact smoked grass, one caanm conclude that our leaders actually love to see us smoke. It will keep us satisfied and, if by chance, someone speaks out for his rights, prosecution by a kangaaroo court is waiting.


The Last Harass , no. 2


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