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Camp Crock-o'-Shit

CAMP CROCKETT RIOTS A few weeks ago rioting broke out at Camp Crockett. A & B companies teamed against D company in a battle that left 3 (some say as high as 6) hospitalized. The GI's allegedly threw rocks or anything else they could et thei rhands on and freely-used their entrenching tools on their fellow GI's.

Eye witnesses report that a many as 100 MP's were called in to quell the riots. They were armed with sawed off shot guns and M16's. As the MP's went into D company to hustle one of the ring leaders off, the GI's were told by the MP's not to step out of their barracks; they had orders to SHOOT TO KILL and they had M-60's mounted along the road outside. Consequently, all entrenching tools have been confiscated, and hcve not been issued since.

Fighting between GI's wil get the GI nowhere, and it is becoming more and more obvious that the fighting among us is actually a result of the training that the Arrny gives us. We're constantly told throughout our training that 'our' company is the best and, that we should do anything we can to beat the company next to us. We are taught and encouraged to steal from other companies for the things that we don't have. In other words, the result is that alot of GI's begin to see other GI's as their eneny. When this happens, the army has effectively molded the GI to a point where it can do anything it wants with him. If it can get us to fight and to seriously injure each other for no reason as demonstrated at Camp Crockett, then tit can be reasonably sure that if they tell us to kill or get killed someplace else in the world, we will do thaat also without needing a reason.

We must stop fighting among ourselves and start to think for ourselves. We all know that the majority of things the Army makes us do, makes no sense at all to us. For example, we are told to get haircuts when our hair is already short; we are told to police up areas that don't need policing; we are told to sspit shine our boots and our floors not so they will be any cleaner but just so that they will shine; We are told to go to Vietnam not because of any good reason that they give us, but because our country orders us to. If you ask too many questions you are harassed and told "yours iss not to reason why, but to do and die." We are suppose to follow, but our leaders are a bunch of ass-holes. We can only say that ours is to reason why, and then do what is right

The Last Harass , no. 2


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