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Defending The Republic

GIs-WACs are entitled to the same constitutional rights, privileges and guarantees as every other citizen, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Left Face is published in the spirit of the constitution of the United States by active duty GIs-WACs stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

With this edition of Left Face, the editors shall submit a request for authorization to distribute on Fort McClellan in accordance with paragraph 8 of Fort McClellan regulation 210-1 (distribution of literature).

8. Submission of literature for approval. Persons desiring to distribute literature on the installation shall submit a request for approval to the center commander or his designated representative together with two (2) copies of the literature at least 48 hours before the proposed distribution. Requests shall include the time, place, and manner of all proposed distributions; names of individuals who are to make distribution, their duty status or addresses and telephone numbers.






Left Face, no. 8


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