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Full Constitutional Rights For GIs-WACs

It seems at times that the only segment of the Constitution applicable to those in the military is the income-tax amendment. The First Amendment (free speech, free press, freedom of assembly) is violated constantly. Any verbal utterance offensive to the Brass is declared “conduct detrimental to good order and discipline.” The GI press (locally LEFT FACE) is denied distribution on-post because the Brass decides it is “detrimental to the loyalty, discipline and morale” of the GIs-WACs. Onpost meetings to discuss the war and related issues are considered illegal for GIs-WACs. The Fourth Amendment (search and seizure) is continually disregarded by unreasonable searches and seizures at the whim of local officers. The Fifth Amendment (due process) is mocked by the simple fact that a court martial, judge, jury, prosecutor and often defense counsel are often chosen by the officer who orginally pressed charges, thus making due process and a fair trial impossible. The Eighth Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment) is flouted by excessive sentences that would not be tolerated for civilian criminals in any state of the union. And the 13th Amendment, of course, is utterly abolished by the Selective Service System itself.






Left Face, no. 5


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