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On 9 November 1969, the GI Press Service placed in the New York Times an ad signed by 1,365 active-duty servicemen-women. The ad announced the GIs-WACs' support for the November 15 demonstrations in Washington and San Francisco and called for the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Vietnam.

The ad not only contributed to the tremendous success of the November 15 demonstrations, but also had a profound influence on public opinion by showing the widespread antiwar sentiment among GIS-WACs.

Twenty-nine Fort McClellan soldiers signed the ad. We believe it is now possible to collect far more signatures for another ad and to demonstrate that the "silent majority" within the army is overwhelmingly opposed to the war.

If you oppose the continued wasting of Americab and Vietnamese lives, sign the petition circulating at Fort McClellan.






Left Face, vol. 2, no. 1


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