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Bragg Briefs Sues Army

In an unprecedented action, the crusading editors of Bragg Briefs hauled the United States Army into court on November 12th. No longer willing to tolerate Fort Bragg's repeated denials of post-wide distribution rights, the GI's are seeking redress in the Federal Courts.

Attorneys charged that the Army has violated the First Amendment rights of the GIs and are seeking to enjoin the Army from interfering with the distribution of Bragg Briefs. Army Brass argued that the paper is prejudicial to the loyalty and discipline of Fort Bragg GI's.

The hearing lasted all day in which the competing claims of freedom of expression on the one hand was matched against military discipline on the other. The Army was saying that it alone can determine what is best for its soldiers. They appear to forget that GI's are not hired mercenaries, but citizens of the United States entitled to their Constitutional rights.

Attorneys summed up the differences in positions “The government argues that freedom of speech rests on government survival while we argue that survival of government rests on free speech.”

A ruling is expected this month. -- compiled from Bragg Briefs




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