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Stockade GIs Rebel

FORT LEWIS (GUARDIAN) - Actress Jane Fonda has been barred from Fort Lewis, Fort Lawton and other "open" Army bases in the Northwest Pacific area. The Army served Miss Fonda with "expulsion papers" March 9 after she went on the base at Fort Lewis with a cameraman, several organizers of the Shelter Half coffeehouse in Tacoma and 7 GIs.

"I spent about 35 or 40 minutes going around the base and rapping with various groups of GIs," Miss Fonda said. "Then a group of MPs showed up on orders of the colonel and brought us all to the Provost Marshall's office. We were kept there for 2 hours. When I told the colonel I wanted to call my lawyer, he told me that as a civilian I had no rights. At that point I sat down on the floor of his office and told him I wasn't going to move until I could call my lawyer."

Shortly afterwards, she was served with expulsion papers which bar her from the bases in the area under threat of a $500 fine and a 6-month jail sentence. At no point was she told what military or civilian regulations she had violated. The actress, who has only recently become involved in the struggle for GI-WAC rights, is planning to take legal action against the colonel and the Army to rescind the expulsion order and to focus public attention on military harassment of GIs.




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