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GI Actions In Atlanta, Seattle, Austin

Austin, Texas -- Two demonstrations were held two weeks apart here. On October 13th (1968), a GI Solidarity Day Picnic was held with 150 GIs and a matching number of civilians. Several GIs spoke during a short rally held during the day. On October 27th, 50 GIs led a march of 1200 civilians to a rally on the state capitol grounds.

Atlanta, Georgia: October 27 (1968) -- About 50 Gis participated in a rally with 600 civilians after aa march of over 800 people. The dempnstration was called by the Atlanta Alliance for Peace with Gis from five nearby military bases participating. An antiwar paper has been staarted by GIs at these bases called "Flag in Action."

Seattle, Washington, October 27 (1968),-- Over 200 GIs participaated in a rally with 1000 civilians. About 95 GIs sign-up to form a new antiwar organization in the city. the "GI-Civilian Alliance for Peace."







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