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Who Are We?

We are members of the military, speaking out against its injustice and inequity. We are concerned by the arrogant, arbitrary authority the military now possesses. We are concerned by tho industrial war machine.

Our experience has taught us that the military's priorities place human values far down on the list. Men are uprooted from their families and forced to commit brutal acts. Women are treated like cattle: their husbands' possessions without any rights of their own. Family life suffers the stress of seperation and alienation. And for what?

The War goes on. New bombing raids are announced, even as our leaders assure us that peace is being sought. The power structure makes it difficult to make peace. Our economy is already sagging dangerously, and further de-escalation of the War will mean more people out of work. Yet an end to the cruel adventure in Southeast Asia must, we feel, come soon. The country cannot stand the strain.

Already the War has come home to roost. The campuses have seen violent events. Black and brown people are still harshly oppressed, and their struggle is attacked by increasing repression. Our own civil rights are jeopardized by increased surveillance, snooping, and paranoia in higher circles.

It's time we got our own country straight and stopped policing the world.

Getting our country straight includes restructuring the military. We are in the service because we have no other choice. Yet our right to assemble peacefully has been threatened. Some of our brothers have been transferred or harassed. Some of us have been investigated by the OSI. Our First Amendment rights exist only on paper.

Give us your support if not your physical help, together we can change the world through understanding; maybe the lifers will at least see us if not completely understand what we do. The future is already stated, there's no place to hide. Let's think more of others and a little less of ourselves for what we achieve here today will be for them tommorow. Who are we? We are you! This paper is your paper your chance to express what you want to say.

My Knot, no. 1


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