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Whipping It On This Ass-Licking Dying Regime

The war with the Brass is starting to reach a new stage Now that servicemen are starting to pull together, the Brass has rolled out a new weapon. They are selecting key anti-war GIs and simply framing them for big time. This is supposed to be a "lesson" to other EMs. Keep crawling on your knees or you'll get a whipping from Big Brother Well if they think that the "example" they are making of the Presidio 27 will deter us, they have another think coming. They will not try the Presidio 27 for mutiny. We will try the Brass Beasts for the murder of Pvt. Richard Bunch. And if we do not get justice in the rigged courts of this land; then we shall turn to the streets. For the streets are the court of last resort in dealing with oppression. John F. Kennedy said, "Those who make nonviolent revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." Shall we ask the MilitaryIndustrial Complex which way they would like it?








OM, no. 2


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