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Do You Believe In Their Madness?

The Brass keep telling us how those GIs who oppose the war are just a few kooks. We think it's just the opposite. When you find a servicemen who loves the military and thinks the war is great you know you're either talking to a lifer or a nut. It's damn clear that a majority of servicemen hate the military and think the Vietnam war stinks. So the Brass resort to informers, intimidation and harrassment of the EM. Why? Could it be that they realize our true potential for destroying their little Kingdom? Before we're through they will wish that places like Presidio and Ft. Jackson and yes, even Vietnam had never been invented. For they will pay. We cannot let them get away with the murder of over 33,000 American servicemen and the countless Vietnamese people. The Johnson's, the Rusk's, the DuPont's, the Dow Chemical, the Nixon's, the Humphrey's, the Westmoreland's, the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, all all will answer for their crimes. They will be hunted down and made to pay. Made to pay for earning $$$ "snuffing gooks" in Southeast Asia.







OM, no. 2


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