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“OUR THING” is a small anti-war newspaper written by and for GI's of Reds tone Arsenal. This is our first issue and we hope it is not our last. We are trying to show GI's that we're not afraid to stand up and voice our opinions. The “Silent Majority” say they stand behind their president and the men serving their country. Well we are the men serving our country, so we are going to show the silent majority where we stand and see if they will back us up, as they say they do. Many GI's on Redstone Arsenal are for peace in our world or are politically opposed to the Big Business war in Vietnnam, Cambodia, and maybe Laos. So if you are in this category show your people where you stand and help support us in our efforts. We are just a handful and our funds are very limited so any contributions you feel you can spare are very much needed and appreciated. Since we are just starting there aren't very many copies so pass this on to your buddy. And don't say “Yea, their right” and not do anything, we've got to show the people of the U.S. that we don't like what we are forced to do. So give us your support and maybe if we are United on our stand we can bring about a change for the future and for right now. Don't be a puppet. READ on!






Our Thing , vol. 1, no. 1


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