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A Newspaper For Servicemen? Written By Servicemen? On Their Own?

No canned copy of admirals beaming before new criusers, Miss Canoga Cannery ready with the bottle. No fatherly advice on Naval thinking from feeble senior officers No reports on quotas of naval manpower.

Straight from the gut. We are pissed. We are going to do something about it. We in the military, along with the majority of Americans, are trodden up and used everyday, of our lives, as are barnyard animals, for the prof its of their masters.

But who are the masters? Who is our real enemy? What can we do for ourselves to prevent him from raping our feilds [sic] with our labor?

I was listening to the bos'n the other day ranting in one of his usual tirades about how everybody has got to stick together. “God dammit, when were at sea, we can't call the fucking fire department and run out of the house. We've got to put the fire out ourselves. You may think the idea sucks, but like it or not, weve all got to work together to do it. You may hate the guy next to you, but goddamit youve got to help each other or you're gonna get your asses burnt!”

The fire that is running amok now is one of greed and money.. A fortunate few get fat off the the profits they compel us to create for them. How do we create these profits? By going to war creating thereby a market in which vast manufacturing resources are spent, lives are spent, and from which we see no gain. Who orders the war? Men in government. Who controls the government? Those who have the money to buy men into office? who are they? Those who manufacture the weapons of war.

What do we do about this fire? Do we let it burn on and sink the whole ship, killing us all. Do we let ust [sic] a few run up with their uselesss teacups full of water, with the same result? Or do we STAND TOGETHER, organize and draw the waters from the sea around us to extinguish the blaxe [sic]?

We are not alone brothers. Their [sic] are people supplying us with the funds to produce this paper. Daily, these people demonstrating their charges against the government. As these groups gradually enlarge, they cease to separate, their edges meet, and their unity and purpose becomes clear. And this purpose to the making over of society from one inwhich all men are slaves, their lives numbered and digitalized from cradle to grave, into one in which all men are brothers, creating in and sharing their own happy destinies.

Sound unreal? Well it is happening. The tools to make it happen with the military are at your disposal. As an individual you are like a finger, but united we are like the fist, solid and strong.

Out Now, vol. 1, no. 1


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