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Military Rights


1. We demand the right to collective bargaining.

2. Extend all human and constitutional rights to military men and women.

3. Stop all military censorship and intimidation:

--We demand the right to individual conscience- moral, political or religious.
--We demand the right to refuse politically objectionable duty such as riot control and Vietnam duty.
--We demand that MPs be kept out of our civilian lives.

4. Abolish all mental and physical cruelty in military brigs, correctional custodies and basic training.

5. We demand the abolition of the present court martial system and NJP:

--All cases would be subject to automatic review by a board of civilians elected by all military men having 1 vote each.
--Trial by jury and court of one's peers.
--Eliminmate physical custody prior to legal hearings and Non-judicial Punishment.
--Place the military judicial system outside the chain of command.

6. We demand wages equal to the federal minimum wage for civilians.

7. We demand the abolition of the class structure of the military:

--End saluting and sir-ing and special officer priveleges and segregation.
--End all rank priveleges.
--We demand the right for an enlisted men's elected review board of officer conduct.
--We believe that respect can only be earned on a human-relating-to-human basis.

8. End all racism everywhere.

--Bring to immediate trial by the system described above all officers and senior enlisted men who forment and exploit race tensions within the military.

9. Free all political prisoners.

--In return for captured American troops in Vietnam, we support freedom and amnesty for Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, the Conspiracy 8, and our brother war resisters at home and abroad.

10. Stop the glorification of war now prevalent in all branches of the military.

11. Abolish the draft and all involuntary enlistment.

12. Pull out of Vietnam now.

Out Now, vol. 1, no. 1


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