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Provaucatehrs (sic)

There are a lot of shit-stirrer-uppers running around who will try to tell the GI brothers to mutiny against their commands, take over barracks, and otherwise thwart authority. They are PIG agents who are trying to make you act when you are unprepared and get you into trouble.

We do not advocate the defiance of military authority. We do advocate changes in the way it is constructed and administered. Changes for a greater degree of democracy in the military.

We are trying to educate our military brothers as to the shit that the military now is and how to lift the shit off their heads, also how the role of the military blends in with the system of capitalist oppression we face.

Awareness of these things can come only from education. Once the people are made aware of the true conditions around them, then, and only then, can they and will they sieze the time.







Out Now, vol. 1, no. 1


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