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On a navy ship the officers’ spacious quarters take up a giant share of the best and safest part of the ship topside. They have their private state rooms with daylight streaming in the portholes where there is fresh air and the freedom to get off in a hurry if you have to.

The men live below in the bowels of the ship, crammed in layers of racks hung one under the other by chains where daylight never reachjes, and even the air has to be sucked down from above, and where you’d have a hell of a time getting out if trouble came.

Meanwhile, up above the officers enjoy the comforts of home-and then some.

Wall to wall carpeting softens the footsteps of EM waiters who have to serve them with special officers food on china plates with sterling silver utensil’s then clean up after them and bring them champagne.

For the Brass this floating luxury hotel is a solid example of the kind of freedom they want to keep at our expense.

Who needs it?

What kind of freedom is it that have the lifers topside while we live at the bottom.

What kind of freedom is it for them to live in luxury and us to live in prison.

What kind of freedom is it for them to give orders, walk on us, demand that we stir them, salute them and kiss their fat asses or be put in the brig.?

HELL NO! Its time we demanded a new kind of freedom.

Out Now , vol. 1, no. 4


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