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Women: Join The GI Movement

Women have special reasons for wanting to Free the Navy. Officials in the Navy have long considered women as objects, a piece of meat or something to take your frustrations out on. Their attitude has gone a long way, brainwashing GI's. Servicemen's wives have no rights and are considered government property. The husbands are held responsible for all the wive's actions including overdue books, parking tickets on post, and of course political activities. Navy dependents are forced to live under terrible housing conditions.

Young women accross the country are drawn into the military because they think the Service is a solution to their problems. After they enter, these women encounter countless problems, in addition to their original ones. These additional problems place mental stress and depression upon them. These women that see the words "Fun, Travel and Adventure" before entering find these words disguised as "Unwant, Degradation and Misfortune", and a secretarial job.

Women in town, in port and base, all face the same insensitivity about women's feelings. All the atmosphere of the Navy makes it clear that women are just to be used as sexual objects to improve the morale of the fighting men! GI's themselves detest the false roles the military forces both men and women into, and are beginning to recognize the common enemy faced by women, GI's, blacks, and other oppressed people in the country. Together we can all change the military and free ourselves and our brother and sisters.

To Love We Must Fight and Fight Together.
Sister Sue


Out Now , vol. 1, no. 4


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