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Possession Of The P. B.

Military justice has never paid much heed to the basic laws and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Occasionally the military will violate its own system of “justice” when it suits a particular need.

It has been heard by interested persons that a First Sergeant associated with the QMS Brigade has notified the personnel of his company that those apprehended with a copy of THE PAPER BAG are subject to Article 15 punishment.

BALDERDASH--not only is this contrary to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution but contrary to the Army Regulations (you can check wi th the JAG or the IG).

To parady [sic] the point: THE GENERAL, while reading LIFE Magazine, finds an article with which he does not agree because of it's views on military life. Therefore THE GENERAL has all the copies of that issue of LIFE Magazine removed from the shelves in the PX.

This is exactly what our First Sergeant of A or B or C or U Company proposes to do. We believe that OUR GENERAL would not do this sort of thing, because he is knowledgeable enough to realize what the repercussions would be if such a practice were followed. We sometimes wish that all First Sergeants were as knowledgeable!

This particular First Sergeant it seems to us has over-reacted. In his over-reaction he shows his incompetence to handle such a situation. Respect for thie man is going to diminish and his command of this company will suffer. This man may be an outstanding soldier on the battlefield or parade ground but it seems obvious that in certain decision-making situations he leaves a good deal to be desired.

The Paper Bag, vol. 3, no. 3


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