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New Regulation At Fort Detrick

A new post regulation at Fort Detrick for control of unauthorized publications and on-post demonstrations. This is an attempt to intimidate GIs at Fort Detrick from using their rights under the First Amendment. The regulation was proposed as an official reaction to “The Pawn”. It is printed in full below:

“5. ATTENTION MILITARY AND CIVILIAN PERSONNEL - PROPOSED REGULATION: Fort Detrick Regulation Number 210-7, Publication And Distribution Of Printed Matter, Demonstrations By Civilians, is being processed for publication. Pending official publication, the following portions of the context are publicized for compliance.

“Unauthorized Publications. No person, on the Fort Detrick installation, shall publish through the use of U. S. Government property and/or during regular duty hours, any newspaper, magazine, leaflets, petitions, pamphlets, handbills, handouts, flyers, throwaways, or any similar printed matter which has not received the written approval of the Commander of the installation or his authorized representative.

“Distribution of Printed Matter. Publications or printed material obtained from other than Department of the Army supply channels or formalized procurement activities of the Department of the Army or any agency, instrumentality or non-appropriate fund of the Department of the Army may not be distributed on the Fort Detrick installation except through regularly established and approved distribution outlets, unless prior approval is obtained from the Commander of the installation or his authorized representative as provided in AR 210-10.

“On-Post Demonstrations by Civilians: No person shall engage in picketing, demonstrations, sit-ins, protest marches, solicitation, political speeches or similar activities on Fort Detrick without first requesting and receiving written permission for such activity from the Commander of the installation or his authorized representative.
“Responsibility. Any person who observes any violation or attempted violation of this regulation shall immediately report the same to the Security Office, Fort Detrick.

“References.” AR 210-10, AR 600-21 and 18 U. S. C. 1382.” (SMFUD–JA–6102)

The Pawn , vol. 1, no. 2


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