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United We Win

To all military brothers, black and white who are tired of being pawns in the hands of & facistpig government:
We are pretty damn ignorant of the fact that we must be united against the common enemy which we all know is the government. I believe that every one of us knows about the bullshit that is going down but I also know that very few of us are willing to try to help.

Yes, there are many excuses. For example:
“I'm short so I don't care what happens”

“Aw, it'll never work”

And you're damn right it wouldn't work if everyone thought like you.

Now for a little soul rap, but you white brothers should read and take heed of these few words too. Brothers, I'm not telling you to kiss any white man's but ass, asking you to unite with the white man who is seeing the fucked up system for what it is, and who is trying to straighten it out. You've got to take into consideration that the black population is only 17.5% the total U.S. population. If we don't unite with our white brothers it means that it's going to take a lot more time to fight this fucking system and that means that a lot more of our brothers and sisters are going to starve before we help them.

This article was written by a black man in the marine corps. Due to errors beyond our control, I .cannot print my full name.
More power to the people

Pay Back, vol. 1, no. 1


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