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From A Black Brother. All Power To The People. Dig Man.

The Marine Corps is not the way out of your misery. We have lived through 400 years of oppression and now we think that the White Man's Army will treat us as equals. Shit these lifers are the same pigs who murder our brothers and sisters on the street, only they hide and cover up their racist policies. Sure they say we can wear an afro, but the only place I have seen one is the brig. Shit, man, the brass will never allow you to identify with the Black Man's struggle for freedom because if they did we would be fighting the real enemy and not our Vietnamese brothers and sisters in the Nam.

MDM demands an immediate end to all racism. We ain't bullshitting either, brothers. The Marine Crps is only another link in your chain and now is the time to break it.








Pay Back, vol. 1, no. 1


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