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Let's Get It Together

Life in the military is the roughest experience a person can go through. During peacetime it seems all the drawbacks of being in the service come to the front. The lifers that are used as supervisors during wartime have nothing to do in time of peace but to harrass those under them. This upsets and angers the younger G.I.s, most are angry, yet afraid to do anything about their problems.

Some are alcoholics (like the lifers), take dope, or go AWOL Some choose to ride it quitely, going into a deep sleep until their hitch is up, others mess up paperwork, tear up government property, or ghost as much as they can. Some even resort to isolated acts of terrorism, such as burning and bombing buildings, shooting officers in Vietnam, etc.

Individual acts, especially terrorism, get you nowhere, all you do is lose friends and chance getting into a lot of trouble, and our friend the Lifer would like nothing better.

Even though you work under an inhuman system, you can prove you, unlike the lifers, are human. You can show them that you can think for yourself. This is the first step. To get together, voice any gripes you have, learn to live in harmony and recognise each others difference and to let the lifers know you are serious about this is the second step. That is what this paper is all about. We will bring the major problems on base into the open. The is also excellent civilian leagal assistance available. There will be a letters column, we are open to any gripes, suggestions, material for articles, etc. Although our main purpose is to improve G I. life here in base, we will accept a and print political views as well.

Do we show them we are human and capable of thinking ourselves Or do we let them carry on their narrow minded brainwashing?

This is your paper. What becomes of it is up to you. Pass it around. Make sure your friends see it too.

P.E.A.C.E., no. 1


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