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The GI Movement Up To Today

The GI movement started only a few years ago, actually a GI in Vietnam started the first paper there, and a few black servicemen at Fort Bragg started it there, and several GI's in Germany started it there, and look where we are now, in England. There are now well over 50 GI underground papers and we all want the same thing, first to end the war in Vietnam and secondly to make military life for blacks and whites livable. This paper you are reading the first of its kind in the United Kingdom and we hope not the last. GI's for many years just rode the storm of military service and got out when their time was over but today the GI with his better education can see the fallicy [sic] of the military that we are in today. We even now have a union which to join which presently has over 7300 members. The brass has taken a dim view of all the papers put out so far and it isn't hard to see why, since it is hard to lead a man to fight an unjust war when he realize's it. The brass has court martialed many GI's for putting out papers and always on trumped up charges but it's hard to stop the truth.

Just recently officers have even come out and voiced their support for the Gl AntiWar movement, but don't mistake us the officers who spoke out wern't lifers.





P.E.A.C.E., no. 3


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