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Our Stand Explained, Again

It was stated after the distribution of our last paper that the people writing this paper were Communist backed, anarchists, undemoractic, and also young punks.
None of these statements are true. We are not communist backed; we are open minded but have no desire to live under communisum or capitalastism, now or ever.

Calling us anarchists goes to show the intelligence of the person or persons who made that statement, and calastling us undemocratic is absurd because having a true democractic government and military is our main objective.

Yes, we are young but the word punks is in need of definition, because we are not sure of the way the word is being used.

To explain our aim again, we are going to bring out into the open all problems on base, be they racial, political, or otherwise.






P.E.A.C.E., no. 2


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