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This Is The First Issue Of The Fort Ord P.O.W.

This is the first issue of the Fort Ord P. O. W. It is put out monthly by and for GIs at Fort Ord. We see the P.O.W. as being an important first step in building a GI movement which will get the Brass off our backs forever.

We will use the P. O. W to get our ideas together, expose the brass’ daily harrassment and plans, and as a tool for buuilding a strong, unified movement.

We need the support of all GIs at Ft. Ord. We can’t take on the Brass without solidarity. We must understand that the brass is united; they have their Uniform Code of Military Injustice, their MP’s, Military Intelligence, and stockades, their commanders’ conferences, and their “Panorama” and “Army Times”. We must likewise build up a means of communication through P. O. W and show militant solidarity in fighting the Brass.







P.O.W., no. 1


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