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ASU Power

You know what really pisses me off in this fuckin OD machine? I mean really annoys me to no end? Not the lifers so much, they're sort of a constant nuisance; not the regulations, some of them are well founded. None of these things bug me as much as my fellow GIs, slaves, peons, dirt or whatever you find yourself classified as. Everbody bitches and complains, indulges in ego comforting boasts like: “What I should have told him...” or “If somebody tried that shit back on the block I'd really fuck him up...” etc. and that's about as far as it goes.

What are you People afraid of? There is a way to change the army, a way that is used by any minority group or oppressed mass of people. And I might add, used successfully. It's really simple. GET TOGETHER. We and they know that there are more of us than them. And the pigs know it could be the end of their dictatorship if the oppressed, “dumb” EM ever really realized this and sat down to think and rap about it. Many of you realize this. I would venture to say most of us do.

But why is everybody afraid to stick their necks out and demand their damn rights as a citizen and especially as a “defender” of these same rights? Why? Mostly because most GIs simply don't know how do do it and they want to be convinced that whatever course of action they take it will be assured of success.

Well brothers good times have come. There is a way and a good, time-proven method to get your rights. This hope comes in the form of an organization formed by Gls to get their rights, it's called the American Serviceman's Union (ASU).

ASU and believe me people ASU is the answer. It is well organized, and well known (feared) by the brass. lt is a successful organization. It is yours, if you are serious about wanting to be treated like a human being instead of a chunk of mobile meat. Another convenient thing about the ASU is that it is no hassle to join. Just take 10—15 minutes to write the ASU's main office in New York, at the address you will find in RAP!, and you are set. The Union will help you organize against the pigs and will provide strong support for any of its members in need of legal counsel. This Union is only as strong as the spirit and dedication that its members display, so don't join unless you are sincerely interested in obtaining your rights and making a united stand against the brass. Very few, if any, hot headed individuals have or can beat the pigs in a system that is set up for pigs. It's obvious then, that the ASU is the best course of action to follow to realize any significant results against the OD pigs.

So let's get together brothers. We already are over 10,000 strong, but if we are to get our right we need all our brothers involved. Remember also, there ain't no fuckin' way they can jail us all. Most important though, remember, we are right in our demands and someday this righteousness has got to come out on top. Power to the People!

Rap!, no. 10


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