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RAP ON! In the next issue of RAP! we plan to start a new column called RAP ON! This is to be for anyone wishing to express an opinion or view about anything. RAP! wants you to RAP ON!

It's a shame to realize that a country rich as the USA, which is constantly bragging of its freedoms and enjoyments of life, allows the atrocities that go on “with” the military system.

Today, the average GI faces a long battle for life when he enters the “greenmachine.” To those on the outside, it would seem a GI complains only because he is a “cronic cry-baby.” It's not true. In today's army, a GI has every right to complain. The army has taken a man's body and soul and turned him into a puppet on strings. The Pentagon Pigs believe they could get away with it.

But we are strong. GIs all over the world are finally coming together, and it won't be long before the Pentagon Pigs are begging forgiveness. We GIs must unite. We must not allow the brass to destroy our fellow man.

Would you want your kid brother to go through what we are facing? We must not permit the Pentagon Pigs to turn us into computers. What authority do they have to push the buttons which cause us to work as hard as we do? What authority do they have to force you to lose the freedoms you once had as a civilian?

In the army, I need not remind you, you have no freedom. You must be in for bed check, you must pick up some pig's mess, or what about the colonel--Are you the one who on your free time will have to run to his house to mow his lawn or help decorate it for some party? Where do the Pentagon Pigs come off in telling you to fight and die in a war Congress never declared? We are all human, and we ask for the respect as such, but in their eyes, we are the dogs. We are the “duds.” We who must answer to some ignorant sixth grade dropout.

As a lower EM, we have no voice. Our Constitutional rights are deprived. The military courts offer no pity or sympathy. The black GI is the most hated, and he feels the pain of the army heavier than the whites.

We must respect our “officers” with respect which we never get in return. It's no wonder that all over the world GI's are coming together. There is no army base, or air force or navy or marine base, for that matter, which is without some type of organization behind it to stop the brass.

At Fort Benning your friend in this fight for freedom is RAP! We ask for your sake that you help support us. Do not be afraid to read it. The brass will hassle you and try to scare you away from it. Remember though you may be in the greenmachine, you are still citizens of this country. You do have rights. And we will fight to keep them--and we will win!

RAP! tells it like it is. Spread what it has to say to your buddies. Support all it stands for.

Another organization on our side which is really a must to have knowledge about is the American Serviceman's Union (ASU). The ASU is forever growing and along with RAP! they will support any GI in trouble with the pigs. The ASU has a fine reputation of freeing many GI's from the hands of the brass. It is the union for all those in the military.
If you are interested, membership may be obtained from the ASU, l56 5th Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10010. RAP! recommends that everyone become a member, and support the ASU as well as RAP!
Struggle along with us. The Pentagon Pigs are afraid of the GI movement––Remember––Togetherness! Right on.

Rap!, no. 10


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