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Breakdown Of Discipline

The breakdown of discipline in many Reserve units is another important story the Establishment press is not covering. We'd like to report it here if people can send in information. Right now, the military is having increasing trouble enforcing hair regulations. Marine Blues, a California underground Marine Reserve newspaper, reports that soldiers of the 4th Tank Battalion in San Diego are organizing around this issue; one Marine who refused to cut his hair demanded a court martial on the issue instead of accepting administrative punishment. The paper also says that E Co., 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines, of Santa Monica were told en masse at a recent drill that they would have to cut their hair or they wouldn't get paid. At some units in the San Francisco area, even junior officers sprout sideburns well below that middle-of-the-ear level. When the military can't enforce its own regulations on something so trivial, things are really changing. The prospects look good for organizing around more substantial issues. Something is happening here, Mr. Jones.







Reservists Committee To Stop The War Newsletter, no. 2


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