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Our Role In The Movement.

Our role in the Movement. Many of the 1,000 odd Reservists and Guardsmen receiving this newsletter have been peace marchers, draft counselors, or activists of some sort in the anti-war movement. In the months ahead, there is one excellent way we can put our experience as soldiers to work for the peace movement: working with G. I.'s. Anti-war actions by active-duty G.I.'s have had a tremendous upsurge in recent months; when school opens this fall, large numbers of campus activists will be working with G.I.'s---helping produce underground base papers, counseling would-be C.O.'s aiding groups of anti-war G.I.'s to get organized. And most of you probably know about the anti-war coffee houses now operating near a dozen or so Army posts around the country.

It may well be the G.I. movement that eventually stops the war. We urge Reservists Committee members to get involved. We know the military from the inside; we know the language soldiers talk and what their grievances are. This is by far the most useful way we can fit in to the anti-war movement. There are now groups of G.I.'s and civilian supporters working at more than 50 bases around the U.S. We urge you to contact the group nearest you and see how you can help; to find out its address write: Jack Susarrey, G.I. Alliance 1, Box 90871, Washington D.C. 20003.




Reservists Committee To Stop The War Newsletter, no. 2


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