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This Newsletter Is The First In A Series For The More Than 500 Officers And Men Who Signed The Statement “Reservists And National Guardsmen Say No To The War.”

This Newsletter is the first in a series for the more than 500 officers and men who signed the statement “Reservists and National Guardsmen Say No to the War.” The response to the petition campaign has been tremendously encouraging. We are in touch with sympathetic Congressmen and veterans' groups. The Reservists Committee to Stop the War clearly has an important job to do in the peace movement.

It is too late in the day for any of us to need speeches or atrocity photos to persuade us the war and American imperialism must stop. Most of us joined the Reserves or the Guard because we weren't gung-ho in the first place. The question is, what can we do now. Specifically, how can we use our positions as Reservists or Guardsmen to fight--legally but effectively--the powerful American military machine we all know from the inside. The Reservists Committee to Stop the War should be a clearinghouse for this kind of information. There are some ideas for action in this newsletter; if you have more, please write.

The Petition Campaign can help persuade the American public forcefully that we Reservists and Guardsmen are not part of the Nixon-Agnew “silent majority”--and are not potential willing cannon fodder. We've got a lot of names; we need more. (Since everyone who signs will be put on the subscription list for this newsletter, new signatures help to build the organization too.) Of the men we've sent the petition to so far, a considerable percentage have signed. Please send us more names and addresses of Reservists and Guardsmen we can send it to. A list, or just one name. People you know or people you don't. Anybody who's in the Reserves or Guard. Or let us know if you'd like more petitions to distribute yourself.

Reservists Committee To Stop The War Newsletter, no. 1


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