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Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here? An overwhelming flood of mail from soldiers all over the country raises questions about what the Reservists Committee should do in the months ahead. The last decade of American history has been one in which dissatisfied groups began to organize and collectively seek power - -blacks, students, women, soldiers. We too are part of that now. The job ahead is to achieve the successes and avoid the pitfalls encountered by our brothers and sisters in other parts of the movement.

The most sensible thing seems to be for the Reservists Committee to be as loose and decentralized as possible. Too many peace groups have strangled in elaborate bureaucratic nets of chapters and committees and officers. We'd like to make this newsletter simply a place where members all over the country can get ideas of things they can do. And find out what others are doing. So if you've got any plans for anti-war actions Reservists and Guardsmen can take, tell us. And write us also if you want to form a group of anti-war Reservists and Guardsmen in your city. If you get together a group, it doesn't matter whether you call yourselves a chapter of the Reservists Committee or something else; the main thing is to organize hard and stay in close touch.





Reservists Committee To Stop The War Newsletter, no. 3


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