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Subversive Propositions About Ethical Action

Reveille is not an “underground” or “outside” paper. Edited by a conscientious objector who recently was discharged from the Army at Fort Ord, it contains articles of strictly local origin or interest and is intended for distribution on and around major military installations on the Monterey Peninsula.

Our purpose is to increase awareness and urge action. Our method is to present ideas and examples.

We hope to make servicemen more aware of these three aspects of their situation.

That the rationale for military service, the Vietnam conflict and wars in general can be challenged on religious, political, sociological, philosophical and personal grounds.

That everyone has the right as a citizen to express any objection, and the responsibility as a human being to follow his conscience.

Making a moral decision is not easy in a military system which makes national interest the dominant criterion of conduct, and acting upon “unauthorized” conviction is even more dificult in such a totalitarian organization.
But words without action can mean nothing, do nothing. And so we urge actions by those who have conscientious objections to war generally or the Vietnam war in particular, making as we do some observations about varied styles of action.

You can dodge the issue or face it.

Possible dodges include soft jobs in safe areas, AWOL and desertion, going to OCS or language school, playing 1049 until ETS, getting a profile etc. Ad nauseam.

Those who face the issue include conscientious objectors who apply for noncombatant status or discharge, plus noncooperators who refuse to participate in any military procedure including paperwork, and policy dissenters who openly object to the Vietnam war. They suffer no more or less than the dodgers, but they experience the emotional release of an open confrontation that is both personally and socially of greater value.

Anesthetic diversions, such as women, grass, LSD, rock music and other hobbies will ease the mind at night, but the problem of being a moral human being will return at reveille.

We hope to awaken higher, more humane aspiration than the armed forces permit or encourage. And so we urge you to read, to talk and---most subversive of all---think.

Letters hostile, friendly or curious are invited, as are news leads and suggested articles. Write to Box 3983, Carmel.

Reveille, vol. 1, no. 1


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