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MDM Raps With GIs

MDM being a movement for soldiers and run by soldiers decided they needed to ask GIs pertinent questions about issues that involved them today.

Of the GIs polled all were under the rank E-6 and only 20% of the GIs polled were Vietnam returnees.

One of the main questions that was asked was, “Does the Army suppress your constitutional right of free speech and freedom of expression?” An overwhelming 97% of the GIs said they were suppressed Some of their comments were: “The Army tries to brainwash you into shutting up.” “They hold an Article 15 over your head.” “The lifers suggest strongly that you keep your opinions to yourself.” “They say you can't give the peace sign.” These are just some of the comments that this question drew. It is obvious that the Army is frequently violating the Constitution at the GIs expense. MDM is struggling to get back the rights of the GIs which have been taken from them.

“Do you agree with Nixon's policy in Vietnam and Cambodia?” On this question 60% of the GIs disagreed with his policy 30% agreed with his policy, while 10% had no opinion. Most of the GIs who disagreed with the President disagreed mainly on the issue of the United States being in Vietnam at all. They felt it was a great mistake to go into Vietnam in the first place. The majority thought we should continue arms support but should pull all U.S. manpower out.

GIs were then asked for their opinion on the May 16 Armed Farces Day march. In response to this question 57% of the GIs said it proved something. When asked to explain their stand many said that it had shown them how paranoid the Army was about peaceful dornonstrations. They felt that the Army was afraid of its own EM and that if the EM and their civilian supporters got together they rnight become a double barrelled th threat against the Army itself.
The last question that was asked was “Have you heard of MDM and if you have what is your opinion of it and what it is trying to do.?” This question received 30% of the GIs polled in favor of MDM. Only 17% were against it but a large 53% of the GIs had never heard of MDM. GIs who supported MDM gave reasons such as “MDM is the only organizatiorn trying to help GIs.”

“They have a lot of good ideas.” “MDM tells it like it is.”

However the most important statistic here is the GIs in the 53% group. They are the GIs who haven't been reached by MDM brothers and sisters yet. This shows that there is a need for all GI brothers who know about MDM to rap to fellow GIs to inform them of our struggle. In this way MDM can continue to grow and gather strength for a peoples army to fight the oppression put upon us by the brass and the lifers.

The Right-on Post, vol. 1, no. 2


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