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Write-On Roger

Living up to the slogan “an attack on one is an attack on us all”, the Ft. Ord chapter of MDM rallied to support their brother, sailor Roger Priest, who was standing trial in Washington, D. C. 30 active-duty GIs from Ord attended a rally in Berkley called by the Bay Area MDM to “Save the Priest.” The Navy brass was trying Roger for what he said in his paper “OM”. Roger explains why: “One reason is that I was speaking the truth about the Amerikan war in Vietnam. Another thing, I never minced words about my disgust and con tempt for the lying politicians in Washington and the other war criminals in the Pentagon who give the orders - make the policies, gain the promotions, the medals and the money while our blood and the Vietnamese blood is shed to make profits for a few and poverty for the many."
“The military the government and the war industries need the big lies to survive. How else do you think they can get us to fighttheir wars and die for them?”

This action taken by Ft. Ord MDM was the first of what we intend to be many actions, always growing larger, always becoming more effective. We will not stop until the MDM demands have been met.

As it turned out, the Brass backed down, and only slapped Roger's wrist with a reprimand and a bad conduct discharge. Theyknew that if they sent Roger to jail, 100 GIs would have stepped forward to take his place.

At the rally there were speakers who rapped about Priest, MDM, and the repression against the Black Panther Party. After the rally the Panthers invited us to visit their National Headquarters. There we had a chance to see and hear the Panthers for ourselves. It was pointed out by Panther Masai Hewitt that GIs and the Panthers have a lot in common--we are both being killed by America's capitalist machine which is trying to hold back the tide of revolution in the ghetto, on the campus, and in the villages of Southeast Asia.

The Right-on Post, vol. 1, no. 1


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