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Rally Dec. 11 In Wrightstown

Fort Dix GI's, Dig this ! Our great and wise leader Richard M. Nixon has dropped us into a group - The Silent Majority ! Well Mr. Nixon, we are silent no longer. we have a voice, a voice that has grown out of oppressed GI's, a voice that is getting louder with each day.

The Soldiers Liberation Front is our way to get out of the silent and into the active majority. It is time to take a stand and the SLF will be strong. We are very young, the SLF was born in Wash. D.C. on Nov. 16 when 100 Ft.Dix GI's had a rally and protest demo. in front of the Military Court of Appeals building. The SLF is our voice, a separate faction originated and composed entirely of Ft. Dix GI's. It's a way to let the world know that we give a damn. Now is the time to speak and act, let us become so loud that the lifers will not be able to stand the roar. We can and will do it. We must be heard, they will have to listen and react, we are the ones who go to Nam to be killed in their war. They can't label us hippies, draftdodgers, or long-haired freaks. We are their army and what we do and say.won't be taken lightly.

Ft.Dix GI's, don't let yourselves down, How much longer is the killing in Nam going to go on? When will the Constitution of the U.S. apply to GI's? Can we ever expect a fair trial, to be innocent until proven guilty, and an unbiased jury????

The SLF is legal, the lifers can't touch you and they know it There are no dues, or membership fees, all you are asked to do is help yourself and your brothers. Give some of your tiae and effort to break the chains We are tired of being slaves.

The SLF is not all words. We want the world to know how we feel. In the very near future - on December 11, we will have a demonstration in Wrightstown. I'm sure you are all aware by now of the rules and regulations concerning demos by GI's. It must be our free tine, no uniforms, off post and peaceful. Lifers, you got it! Imagine 300 or more GI's in Wrightstown, just GI's protesting the war, racism in the army, the Ft. Dix 38, exploitation of GI's by the crud store owners, the denial of basic human rights and the lifer's bullshit. They will go out of their minds. They can't bust us-we're legal. They won't be able to push us under, we're too strong. we'll have them by the balls.
Come to the coffee house, you are always welcome. Don't let your chance to fight back go by without notice. This is our thing and together as the SLF we are one and strong. CID, you can come too, we're not afraid, we are legal.
532 M.P. Co.

Shakedown, vol. 1, no. 13


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