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Statement Of Purpose

The G.I. peace movement, at Norton Air Force Base and across the country, has grown in fits and starts. Unlike a black or brown who is oppressed as a black or brown all his life, the G.I. is oppressed as a G.I. for a more two to four years. Reassignment or imprisonment of G.I. organizers, along with the high turnover of anti-war military personnel, has seriously impeded solidarity within the movement. With Norton G.I.' s for Peace, we hope to establish as selfperpetuating anti-war organization on the base. With the sNorton Bird we hope to inform the people of Norton and Southern California of our activities. Most important, however, we seek to expose the true imperialist nature of the Indochina War and its disastrous effects at home. As long as the war continues, we will fail to come to grips with racism, our floundering economy, and the destruction of our natural environment. For G.I.'s, as well as for workers and students, the time has come to END THE WAR








sNorton Bird , no. 1


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