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Military Build-Up

The intensity of the war has increased tremendously in the past few weeks. Along with increased bombing, the military has initiated a massive mobilization of men and equipment. Scores of bases in Asia and the US have been placed on alert or stand-by. Orders for deployment or alert have involved at least 70 ships, 1100 planes, and 77, 000 men.

In a 5-day period, 37 ships, 650 planes. and 33, 000 men were actually sent to Southeast Asia. Others departed with unknown destinations, or remain in readiness at their home base.

This information, gathered from GI movement sources at bases and in units involved in the build-up, was pooled by an Ad Hoc Committee of GI groups and Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Highlights of the mobilization include:

Ground combat units on alert at 6 bases.
3 aircraft carriers sent to Vietnam: the Midway, the Saratoga, and the Oriskany.
Destroyers sent from Long Beach, San Diego, Pearl Harbor, and Norfolk, Virginia.
Jets and troop carriers sent from Pease AFB, Westover AFB, McConnel AFB, March AFB, Hickam AFB, Kanoehe AFB, El Toro Marine Air Station, and Miramar Marine Air Station.

Extensive as it is, our information is incomplete. Pentagon sources and base information officers have not released any of this information. But the information clearly shows intensive mobilization, and willingness by the Pentagon to commit even more forces to the war.

GI's Respond

GI's at a number of bases have organized public demonstrations to dramatize their opposition to the build-up and the war. So far, demonstrations have taken place at Travis AFB, Mountain Home AFB, Westover AFB, Pease AFB, Hanscomb AFB, Loring AFB, McGuire AFB, Ft. Dix, Ft. Devons, and at several air bases near San Antonio, Texas. Demonstrations are planned for Plattsburg AFB, Norton AFB, and Newport Naval Station. Most of these actions involved rallies and vigils. GI s in San Diego decided to join GI s in Long Bead in the April 22. march in Los Angeles.

At Iwakuni Marine Air Station, in Japan, 200 members of the 1st Marine Air Wing signed a statement of intent to refuse orders to Vietnam. None of the 200 were sent, though 2 squadrons of F-4 Phantoms were sent from Iwakuni to Da Nang.

SOS News, April 1972


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