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We At Spartacus Know That There Are A Large Number Of Servicemen At Ft Lee Who Dread The Thought Of Becoming Involved In The War In Vietnam.

We at Spartacus know that there are a large number of servicemen at Ft Lee who dread the thought of becoming involved in the war in Vietnam. One of our goals is to encourage men to take a stand rather than demean themselves to becoming tools of the military machine. Dissenting opinions voiced by military personnel are very important to the disengagement of the US from the Vietnamese people's civil war.

Pressure must be maintained on the Nixon administration from all groups, but dissent coming from the military is particularly effective. If the group that rules this country sees that its international police force (which is really all we are to them) does not want anything to do with genocide, support of fascist dictators, or any involvement anywhere that is contrary to our basic beliefs and interests, then the group will think twice before they try again to make the world safe for profiteering (which is really what's going on in Vietnam).

Dissent is neceessary if we are to maintain our democracy. The establishment does not want to hear dissent, especially from the military, but when we are being coerced into doing something we do not believe in or is contrary to our interests, it is our duty to stand up and say something about it.

Even though we arein [sic] the armed forces we still have our constitutional rights. At this time the leadership of the various services is beginning to relax its tight grip on our rights because of certain forces both inside and outside the military. In the last few weeks the Pentagon has directed the commanding officers of CONUS posts to handle with care people who engage in dissenting activities off post during off duty hours... They have also said that it is legal to join the American Servicemen's Union. These concessions have been won through struggle, and we must continue the struggle to keep these concessions and to win full citizenship (the rights and freedoms that civilians have).

Spartacus, vol. 1, no. 2


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