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A Beginning

We of GI’s United felt that it was necessary to have a means of communication with other GI’s at Wright-Patterson AFB. A forum through which a two-way exchange of ideas could take place. The obvious way to us seemed to be a newspaper, hence the Star Spangeled Bummer.

The first issue came out on July 16th. While we realize it was far from being a literary gem, it was an honest attemopt by a group of individuals with no experience in the field. We made a lot of mistakes, which we intend to try and rectify. We hope to improve the paper with each subsequent issue. The one big problem which quickly became obvious was that the communication was one-sided. Perhaops it was the fact that our methods of distribution are severely limited by the military.? We received, after 1000 copies of the paper had been distributed, exactly 2 (two) letters, neither of which came from GIs.

O.K., so the response was poor, Nethertheless we still feel that there are others here at AFB who share our sentiments so we will continue to publish this paper.






Star Spangled Bummer, no. 2


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