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1001 Reasons

This column is devoted to you, the reader.

We wish to give you an opportunity to express your likes, dislikes, desires and needs.

The aims of GI’s United and this paper are to serve the people at W-P AFB. We can only do this if you, the people assigned here do let us know what they are.

Expressions of feelings in a letter, an article, with monetary donations, or in other ways is how you can help.
Any material used will not include the authors name unless specifically authorized. It will be printed verbatim (with the exception of correcting grammatical errors).

All correspondence should be adressed to:

the Star Spangeled Bummer, c/o GI’s United, W-P AFB, P. O. Box 700 . Fairborn, Ohio, 45324






Star Spangled Bummer, no. 3


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