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Puffin's Purpose

The Stuffed Puffin is an assertion by its contributors that the existing means for information, intellectual expression and exchange of views for servicemen and dependents stationed in Iceland is inadequate and that a publication such as this is one answer to the problem. It is our hope that it can become an open forum to any opinion or personal expression so that the admittedly narrow range of opinion reflected in this issue might be broadened to a meaningful debate.

The contributors of the Stuffed Puffin sincerely believe that they have the right and the obligation to publish. They are under no illusion that this publication will bring about the drastic changes they feel are necessary to eliminate the intellectual despondency and apathy which makes this paper necessary. But they do feel that an attempt should be made. While the contributors have no doubt that many dedicated servicemen will disagree with what is said in the Stuffed Puffin, they are confident that these same people will defend their right to say it.

The staff of the Stuffed Puffin has carefully reviewed DOD Directive 1325.6 of 12 September 1969 which seeks to regulate publications such as this. The directive does not prohibit publication if done “by military personnel off-post, on their own time and with their own money and equipment.” The most difficult provision of the directive deals with distribution. The commanding officer of a military installation may ban on-base distribution. No effort has been made to distribute this issue on base, but it is the hope of the staff that the command at Keflavik will recognize the value of this lawful effort to stimulate the minds of military personnel and permit on-base distribution. A communication to tbis effect would be welcome.

Manwhile, distribution will be confined to off-base areas. This Labor Day weekend the Stuffed Puffin will be available at places frequented bay American servicemen in Keflavik and Reykjavik. If you are interested in receiving future issues, fill out the coupon on the last page and send us one dollar so that we can send them to you through international mail. Your dollar will help get us on our feet and will guarantee that you will receive as many issues as we are able to publish during the next three months.

Finally, we ask you to join us. Anyone who thinks that freedom of expression is a basic right and that a medium of free expression is sorely needed, is welcome to contribute their time, talent, and money to the Stuffed Puffin. Contact anyone whose name you see' here (not during working hours), stop at 59 Hringbraut in Keflavik, or drop us a note through Icelandic mail to Post Office Box #34, City of Keflavik. With your help the Stuffed Puffin will be a major contribution to the morale of the Keflavik military establishment.

Stuffed Puffin, no. 1


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