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The Twin Cities Protester (TCP) is a paper published by and for active duty GI's in the Twin Cities area. GI's know better than anyone else how the military crushes individuality by denying us our rights under the constitution . We are nothing more than pawns for the brass that control our lives. It is hoped that the TCP will provide a sounding board for those GI's who feel a need to protest and express their views about the war and other political issues but are afraid or unwilling because of the consequences.

TCP is totally opposed to the racist and imperialist war in Vietnam, and we support any and all groups that promote the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from that country. As GI's we are in a very vulnerable position, but it is our protest that is heard the loudest and feared the most. TCP wants to create a climate in the military that allows protest and dissent. We want to expose the system and show what its like. The same system that robs us of our freedom and forces us to fight a senseless war, also oppresses blacks, workers, and the poor.
We sincerely believe that GI's are opposed to the senseless killing in Vietnam and want us out now! But we realize that when we openly express this view or any political view we will be harassed and severely punished. It is only when GI;'s on every base in this country and overseas band together and voice their opposition to the war that the war in Vietnam will end.

TCP not only opposes the war in Vietnam but it detests the way our constitutional rights have been stolen from us. We are told time and time again that we must give up some of our liberties in order to preserve them. TCP say's that's bullshit! Even though we wear a uniform we are still citizens, and as citizens we have rights. Unfortunately our rights have been trampled andabrogated by those most committed to preserving them. Many of us have been forced to serve and fight against our will!

GI's remember ! This is your newspaper. Support it!

Twin Cities Protester, no. 1


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