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Black Power In The Military

Though terribly limited there are definite signs of Black Power in the US Army. Every day one can see the raised clenched right fist of a Black GI in open defiance of white Military customs and in affectionate recognition of himself and his fellow Black Brother.

In recent months there has been a very noticeable increase in the display of Black awareness and obligation to one another. For years this has been the case overseas. However, now-a-days here within the continental limits of these United States the Black GI is becoming more aware of the importance of togetherness. Although this black feeling of inter-trust is prevalent among the young Black Brothers, it was paased down from the older Black soldiers. The old soldiers are unaware of the message that they bring to the younger soldiers because of the constantly brainwashed frame of mind they are in. (The black GI and the other positions and functions that the black GI performs so well.)

The old soldiers walk around with the false sense of pride in themselves and the uniform that has been installed by the apparent show of patriotism and phony traditionalism on the part of the white GI. Both of which are seen and accepted at face value, and both of which are based ultimately on hypocrisy.

Though unknown to himself the old Black GI, or if I may borrow a term from Eldridge Cleaver's Soul On Ice, "the Black Lazarus" has said to the young Black GI, "Please save yourselves and get out as soon as possible. Soon you'll be stripped of your pride and your overall manhood by the military system, because it is not set up for you. I am in too deep to pull out." The Army or United States military robs a young Black man of his personal pride and his self awareness, as the whole military scheme is set up for and gauged to persons of aristocrisy who have been brought up and groomed by rich parents and educated in the finer schools. These are the only Americans that have something to take pride in, be patriotic to, and follow the traditions of. The Army is fine for the back stabbing, brown nosing tactics that are so typical of white people and other produce of the present white society.

No longer does meritorious sarvice warrant recognition and promotion. Rather that honorable system has been replaced with a system in which the ability of one to discredit the integrity, personal beliefs and participations of another repeatedly and successfully, will essentially grant one a high position.

In order that a Black Brother may develop and exercise his potential he must free himself and demand respect for having done so.

No the Black GI is taking pride in himself as not just a GI, but as a Black GI, a Black man from a Black society, with a long and honorable history, and an unblemished military record.

All of this can be seen in his unusually sharp appearance in and out of uniform, the eloquence with which he discusses touchy subjects, using all of his colloquialism, but always displaying deep insight and much intelligence. His pride in his blackness can most readily be seen in his affectionate greetings and vigorous handshake. Both of these are very near and dear to him because they were construed by him. The greeting is usually "What's happening Brother," and the handshake is almost always perpetrated by making firm contact of the clenched right fist in an upward followed by a downward motion. And by touching the knuckles afterwards. There are several slight variations depending on the part of the country you are in, but for the most part all of the Black Brothers are up to date on all of the handshakes. The greeting aid the handshake are truly displays of sincerity and loyalty to each other.

To further substantiate the feeling of self-awareness and pride can be seen on the faces of Majors and Colonels after the Black Power salutation is rendered to his Black driver even prior to the military (mandatory) salute is rendered to himself. Here we have sincerity and loyalty in its truest form, fashion, and execution.

For surely exhibiting sincerity and loyalty to each other first and to the Military procedures secondly is Black Power in the Military

Ultimate Weapon , no. 9


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