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Weapon Fights For Open Distribution

(The following is a series of letters exchanged between ex-Sp/4 Al Myers, representing the Ultimate Weapon, and the Adjutant General of Ft. Dix over the question of open distribution of the paper on Ft. Dix.)

April 17, 1969
The Adjutant General
Ft. Dix, New Jersey
Dear Sir:

Paragraph #3 of Ft. Dix Regulation 210-27, dated l0 December 1968, states in part that distribution of literature not prepared by commanders or staff agencies “is prohibited on the Ft. Dix Military Reservation without the prior authorization of the Adjutant General, this headquarters.”

In accordance with this provision, I hereby request authorization of the distribution of the Ultimate Weapon within the limits of the Ft. Dix Military Reservation, whether such distribution is conducted by myself or other members of this command.

The Ultimate Weapon is a paper containing writings by military personnel on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, and is intended to encourage all legal forms of opposition to the war in Vietnam.

Each issue of the Ultimate Weapon bears a disclaimer stating that it has no connection with the Dept. of Defense, and that all writings are the view of the author. This disclaimer is in larger type than that on such publications as the Ft. Dix Post which are distributed on the military reservation.

It is of course understood that distribution of the Ultimate Weapon, if authorized, will be conducted in a manner that will not interfere with the performance of military duties by members of this command, Specifically, I request authorization to leave copies of the paper at Post Exchange newsstands, service clubs, and libraries, where any interested personnel may thus obtain a copy (like the Ft. Dix Post, the Ultimate Weapon is distributed free of charge to servicemen).

Several recent issues of the Ultimate Weapon are attached for your convenience,
Sincerely yours,
Sec. 4 John A. Myers
US 548l6299


24 April l969
SP4 John A. Myers
US 54816299
Medical Company
US Walson Army Hospital
Fort Dix, New Jersey 08640

Dear Specialist Myers:
Your 1etter of 17 April 1969 requesting permission to distribute a publication entitled “The Ultimate Weapon” within the geographical limits of Fcrt Dix has been considered.

The following additional information is required before your application is processed further. Who is the publisher of the “Ultimate Weapon” (name street address and telephone number) Where is it published? How many copies do you propose to distribute at Fort Dix? How often would your publication be distributed at Fort Dix?

Sincerely yours,

Colonel, AGC
Adjutant General


April 28, 1969
The Adjutant General
Ft. Dix, N. J.

Dear Sir:
The following information is submitted in reply to your letter of 24 April l969:

The Ultimate Weapon is published in Philadelphia by the GI-Civilian Alliance, 1011 Chestnut St., room 240, Philadelphia, Pa, 19107. Phone number of the Alliance is WA3-0261.

Proposed distribution of the paper would be at intervals of approximately three weeks. We anticipate distributing one thousamd copies at first among the various post exchanges, libraries and service clubs, and modifying the quantities of each succeeding issue as demand for the previous issue indicates, If this arrangement would interfere with the performance of some military function in a manner which we have been unable to anticipate, we would of course be happy to accept any reasonable alternative arrangement which you may suggest.

I would be grateful if all succeeding correspondence on this matter would be addressed to me, c/o the GI-Civilian Alliance, at the address listed above.

Sincerely yours

John A. Myers

Ultimate Weapon , no. 7


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