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Unauthorized Publication

Department of Information
Headquarters, Fort Dix Free Speech Movement
P.O. Box 8633 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19101

Ultimate Weapon, 15 March 1969, Number 5

Unauthorized Publication

1. Purpose.

a. This publication will encourage all legal forms of opposition to the war in Vietnam.

b. As part of the mission described in a, above, The Ultimate Weapon will defend and implement Constitutional rights of free expression guaranteed to all citizens. Completion of this mission includes, but is not limited to, exposing violations of common sense and human decency by brass and lifers.

2. Scope. This publication is applicable to all EM and EW.

3. Responsibilities.

a. Unless otherwise noted, all articles are written by active duty GIs, and represent the opinion of the writer. Nothing herein shall be taken as an expression of the views of DoD.

b. Printing of this publication is done by Philadelphia Resistance. We appreciate it.

c. Collating of this publication is done at the office of the GI-Civilian Coalition for April 5, 1011 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Stop in and give us a hand.

4. Authority. Authorization for this publication is contained in the Constitution of the United States, Amendments 1 through 10.

5. Administrative Instructions. Address all correspondence and requests for subscriptions to The Ultimate Weapon, P.O. Box 8633, Philadelphia, Pa. 19101. Subscriptions are free to active duty GIs. Supporting subscriptions by civilians are five dollars.

1 G1, G2, G3, G4, 500 Philadelphia Airport, 300 Philadelphia bus station, 1000 N.Y. Port Authority, 400 U.S. mail, 1000 Ft Dix FSM, 1 each 201 file

Ultimate Weapon , no. 5


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