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An Explanation

As with many people today, we in the military are becoming aware of the depersonalization and alienation of our existence from that society in which we live. We realize that we can and must take responsibility for our lives. And we have to impress upon the brass that we are not robots which respond to their wishes on command. We are human beings. We are citizens of the United States with rights guaranteed under our national Constitution.

We believe in the equality of man--that every member of the armed forces should be treated in a similar manner, regardless of rank, race, sex, or nationality. We believe in being paid a living wage. We believe in decent working hours for all personnel. We believe in the right of a soldier to make moral decisions commensuate with his individual conscience.

We at Oak Knoll feel it imperative that other members of the armed forces and civilians become aware of dissent within the military. Therefore, we decided to promulgate our views, situations, conditions through this news paper.





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