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This Paper Has Been Borne Within the Fence Of SPD For SPD

This paper has been borne within the fence of SPD for SPD.The principle reason is to enlighten the people who are now being held in SPD.

We have roots but like anything else, we need food and help to grow, and develop effectively. All we are asking is for our rights as free men in a free country. We don't want to KILL, DESTROY or MAIME anyone or anything.

We are the revolution and, as the revolution, we must work and stand against the pigs as one.We can never let our want for freedom die. If we do our lives will be worthless. Speak to me of how much freedom we have now and I'll cry. It's sad how the people are so brain-washed. We have few rights now and will never have our rights unless we do something about them.

Being in SPD we have chosen life over death. By representing life and love with peace as the goal, we must learn to unite. All of mankind, be he black, white, red or yellow, must learn to collectively fight the man for true justice and freedom. We all want and need a free life in wich to live and love!





Unity Now, no. 1


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