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Why Us?

Yes, the pinko, radical, dirty hippie, commie, subversive, Godless atheists have finally landed at NAS Alameda and docked at T. I. So you thought you'd never have to worry about us, huh? Well, we're hare to rob you of your old false sense of security.

Who are we? Well, we are the guy who sits behind the typewriter in your office, the guy who dishes out your beans in the BOQ, we're the guy who fixes, or doesn't fix your propellers, we're the guys who lick your heads clean. We're here to start talking at you, and at you, and at you until you stop, look, listen and change. Why are we doing this? Maybe, it's the $192 a month for an E-4, maybe it's the shitty barracks, or it could be the food that Congress thinks is such great quality. But, there's much more to it than that. The paranoia barrier - we want to break that one. Why should we be afraid to speak our minds? Why should we be afraid every lifer is watching us like some SS trooper? Why should we be afraid to exercise the same rights that we're supposedly defending for the rest of the nation? Moratorium Day – that's our day. We didn't vote for the Congress that enacted the draft. We didn't authorize the Baines and the Dick to call us to the front to fight an undeclared war. We're powerless - that's why the mahogany polishing brass in Washington made us fight our brothers in Viet Nam - they didn't think we could hassle them like they do to us. WELL, BROTHERS, that day is ended at T. I. and Alameda. We're here to get our thing together. Security is in numbers, right? MDM has an office at 22l4 Grove St. in Berkeley, along with the Berkeley High School Student Union at the Student Research Facility. We have a defense committee of civilian attorneys available for you, if you get busted for doing your political thing. Give us a call at 549-2l72 or drop by the office and rap anytime, we're here to help you.

Up Against the Bulkhead, vol. 1, no. 1


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