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Commie-Pinko-Prevert Blues

The brass has told many people that MDM is a communist supported movement and that much trouble can come ta you for possessing this paper. Every one of those charges are outright lies.

MDM is mainly a donation-supported group. We are not communists, but rather freedom fighters. They cannot legally prosecute you for being in MDM, or for reading or possessing Bulkhead.

MDM was organized to make a better military by making it a democracy. The brass cannot let you have democracy without a fight. The only true power they have over you isfear [sic]. From your first day to your last they must keep you scared, uninformed and subjugated. We are showing Gl's that they have nothirg to fear from the Pig This strength can only come from unity and knowledge of the UCMJ.

Brass all over California know the power of MDM, and fear us. They are losing a grip on the oppressed enlisted man, and cannot legally do a thing.

Many of our brothers were harrassed [sic] and some even brigged on totally phony charges. They only made us stronger because our Brotherhood is stronger than their oppression.

We cannot help more of you brothers without your aid. The public must be shown the military is corrupt and outdated. This we cannot do without you. Remember that with us you can break the lifers' stranglehold. So ignore his idle threats.

Power to the People
Richard Gould

Up Against the Bulkhead, vol. 1, no. 3


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